Alte Kamereren and the wonderful Kamrér ballet

Alte Kamereren Music Alliance has members from Lund University and Lund Institute of Technology. The alliance constists of the amazing orchestra Alte Kamereren and the wonderful Kamrér ballet. 

We provide cheerful and comical entertainment in the form of music and dance, where the joy of playing and dancing comes before the musical excellence. Our repertoire inclues everyting from marsches to swiss schlager, both old and new. 

If you want to join us more instructions can be found below.

you want to hire us we play in Lund and nearby places in Skåne. We primarily play ad company parties, student gatherings, inaugurations and a few weddings. If you want to hear what we sound like you can check out our CD Tunavägen or go to our Youtube channel.

To hire us please contact our president.

David Ohlin

Do you want to join the orchestra?

We rehearse every thursday at 19:00 on Sparta. Then you'll get the joy of playing music, fika and wonderful thursday-hangout in Hålan! Contact

Do you want to join the ballet?

With Kamrérbaletten you'll get to dance to averything from marsches to disco to Charleston, to the wonderful music of Alte Kamereren. We are looking for those who have some experience from dancing- but what you don't know you'll learn! We rehearse on mondays from 19 to 21 at Studiefrämjandet on Fabriksgatan. Here you can watch us dance to Willie the Weeper. Contact